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Fight or Flight: Understanding How Your Body Responds to Stress

We have all had that feeling when confronted with a situation that stresses us out — do we stay and deal with it, or do we give in to our non-combative side and run away?

All About Your Gut-Brain Connection

We’ve all had “gut feelings,” experienced a “butterfly sensation” in our stomachs, or felt “gut-wrenched” about something that has us concerned.

How Too Much Screen Time Hurts Your Health

Technology may be the ultimate double-edged sword of the modern age.

Why We Use a Whole-Person Approach for Your Health

Your body is made up of complex systems and understanding how they work together is of the utmost importance for taking charge of your health.

Walking on Sunshine: Sunlight and Your Health

The sun does more than just help flowers grow.

Are My Symptoms From Allergies or Something Else?

Your bedside table is covered in facial tissue, eye drops, and cough syrup, and you miserably wonder if all your symptoms are from allergies or another ailment.

It’s Not All in Your Head: How Your Mental and Physical Health Interact

Many people notice that as they deal with mental struggles, their physical well-being also suffers.