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Fuel Your Mind: Our Top 5 Brain-Feeding Foods

It’s no secret that what we eat affects our physical and mental health.

All About the Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is part of your body you may have never even heard of, but it’s a gamechanger for your health.

Listen to Your Heart: The Impact of Your Spiritual and Emotional Health

It’s no secret that making smart choices with your diet, exercise, and sleep helps keep your heart healthy.

Nutrition’s Role in Whole-Person Healing

Seeing someone as a whole person rather than a body with individual systems is nothing new.

A Faithfully Guided Christmas Gift Guide

The holidays can be an undoubtedly stressful time of the year with all of the social, familial, and work obligations — not to mention the pressure to gift your loved ones well.

Intentional Family Connection During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, it brings with it more opportunities than perhaps at any other time of the year to be together with family and friends.

Our Whole-Person Counseling Approach: Heal Your Relationships From Within

Even though we may not often realize it, how we’re feeling physically and emotionally can impact our personal relationships too.