Using the Past to Plan for Your Future Health


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We’ve all heard the saying, “Leave the past in the past.” But, your past informs your future health outcomes, particularly when carrying untreated childhood trauma.

At Faithfully Guided, we use our unique discovery process to uncover these components of your health history to inform your treatment today. Read on to learn more about how we can help you overcome past trauma to move forward and live happily.

Understanding Childhood Trauma

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), as the name suggests, are events from our past that can be traumatic. These include abuse or growing up in a home with substance abuse, mental illness, or violence. The health community is no stranger to how childhood experiences can shape our futures, but more and more people now realize that they may have experienced trauma even if they didn’t recognize it at the time. Unfortunately, ACEs are common, with over 61% of American adults reporting the occurrence of at least 1 before adulthood and 1 in 6 reporting 4 or more.

When children experience trauma, their bodies and brains produce excess stress hormones that harm how the brain forms and functions. As children’s brains develop so quickly, trauma experienced during this time can change their cognition, response to stress, and even their decision-making for life, leading to dangerous conditions like heart disease, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, depression, and anxiety.

Societal Implications

ACEs can lead to severe health conditions like cardiovascular disease and mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Preventing ACEs could potentially decrease the number of these cases. And it takes a toll economically as well, costing society billions annually.

Beyond the health implications, ACEs can also negatively impact future education, job opportunities, and the following risky behaviors.

  • Injury
  • Sexual Transmitted Infections (SCIs)
  • Maternal and child health problems related to pregnancy
  • Chronic diseases
  • Suicide

Further, children who grow up under chronic stress may find it challenging to form healthy relationships or hold stable jobs as adults. These issues can be unknowingly passed on to their children.

ACE Treatment in Adulthood

When you come to Faithfully Guided, the first step in your health journey is our discovery session. During the first session, a clinical counselor will use your brain health questionnaire and temperament analysis to help you unpack your family culture, any emotional stressors you’re currently experiencing, and your current support system. The information collected during this vital step informs the customized treatment plan we design for you.

During the next discovery session, you’ll meet with your medical provider and talk through your unique timeline of your history, physical health, and personal experiences. Your provider will help you realize how emotional stressors manifest in physical symptoms and explain why we use a whole-person approach to your health and healing.

Heal From the Past for a Better Future at Faithfully Guided

ACEs are unfortunately all too common, but their impact and treatment is becoming more well-known, especially at Faithfully Guided, where we understand how impactful childhood experiences can be on your adult health. We’re here to help with our services, including faith-based counseling, functional medicine and primary care, restorative therapeutic services, IV nutrient therapy, and social health groups.

When you’re ready to really put the past behind you and live your most abundant, healthy life yet, contact us to get started.

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