What Makes Faithfully Guided Health Center Unique?


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You may be wondering, what makes Faithfully Guided Health Center (FGHC) unique?

One of the greatest qualities that our team demonstrates is the full understanding of the spirit, mind, body connection.

Over and over again we see clients presenting with a physical complaint that roots back to an emotional issue. Some examples we have all experienced might include: weight gain due to increased stress levels, fatigue linked to depression or grief, heart palpitations because of anxiety, and the list goes on and on.

It is very common to treat physical symptoms without exploring the deeper emotional issues that may be manifesting. These physical symptoms can be the result of an unhealthy brain or lack of emotional support in our lives. Many people get stuck in their healing process until these issues are identified and dealt with properly. Some experience frustration after multiple visits with various health care professionals to be told there is nothing seriously wrong or treatable.

Examples we have helped clients identify as roots of physical symptoms include:

  • Previous emotional trauma (either childhood or adult)
  • Unresolved grief
  • Undiagnosed learning disability
  • Excessive levels of stress
  • Recent loss of relationship (divorce, broken friendship)

That’s what makes FGHC so unique in our treatment approach. Since we know that emotional and brain health issues can often manifest as physical complaints, we recommend a comprehensive assessment from both a healthcare clinician and a counselor. The reverse is also true, sometimes anxiety or depression can be rooted in a biological issue, such as an unbalanced thyroid hormone.

We’ve developed a collaborative approach between healthcare clinicians and counselors who work together to create personalized recommendations and provide you with a plan to get healthy.

Our treatment plan focuses on improving lifestyle which can prevent, eliminate and reverse approximately 80% of chronic disease. The five pillars of health we focus on are:

  • Spiritual Foundation
  • Excellent Nutrition
  • Optimal Movement
  • Stress Management
  • Restorative Sleep

How else are we unique?

FGHC will guide you to optimal health by connecting the spirit, mind, and body. We work together as a team of healthcare clinicians and counselors engaged in shared decision-making to help you realize your health goals and live a more abundant life.
Our diagnostic testing and evaluation utilize optimal health ranges vs. the traditional reference ranges your conventional doctor may be using.
We provide a number of ancillary services in-house that address the five pillars of health including:

  • Holy Yoga
  • Clinical and Sports Massage
  • Functional Fitness
  • Detoxification Services (Mud Bath and Infrared Sauna)
  • Restorative Services (Hyperbaric Oxygen and Prolozone Therapies)

We believe that health is not simply an absence of disease or pain, but instead a life full of joy, vitality, and balance. In other words, an abundant life. The FGHC team is here to help you realize your potential and discover optimal health in spirit, mind, and body.

Call and schedule an appointment to get started.

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