Why We Use a Whole-Person Approach for Your Health


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Your body is made up of complex systems and understanding how they work together is of the utmost importance for taking charge of your health. So many factors impact your overall health and wellbeing, from your genetic makeup to environment to stress levels, to name just a few. And at Faithfully Guided, we know that your spirit, mind, and body are interconnected. When one area experiences pain or imbalance, it affects all of them, which is why a whole-person approach to health serves you best. Read on to learn why Faithfully Guided is passionate about treating all of you and helping you live your best life.

The Benefits of a Whole-Person Approach

Rather than only treating your negative health symptoms, at Faithfully Guided, we seek to uncover the root cause of what you are experiencing so we can treat it efficiently rather than mask it. Our whole-person approach to your health allows us to help you eliminate chronic illnesses from your life by treating the underlying causes, taking into account how all of your body’s systems interact. Patients benefit in numerous ways from the whole-person health approach.

Customized Treatment Plans

A whole-person approach allows providers to create fully personalized treatment plans based on the patient’s unique health concerns, which in turn are more effective than treating symptoms individually. Providers can take a big picture view of everything going on with the patient and create more efficient treatment options. At Faithfully Guided, our health plans go beyond the physical and not only use your functional medical test and assessment results to outline your fully customized, comprehensive health plan.

In addition, this approach enables the medical provider to follow a more conservative plan for medication prescription, as providers who think about the patient as a whole understand that prescribing medicine to treat an individual symptom may cause the patient to experience another.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Another benefit to the whole-person approach is that the patient has a more positive experience, which improves their health outcomes. As symptoms subside and the patient’s quality of life becomes better, they are happier and healthier.

In addition, patients and providers create stronger relationships, as the patient has a dedicated team of providers they see consistently rather than various doctors and specialists they see only occasionally.

Collaborative Care

The whole-person approach to health is more collaborative than in a traditional medical office. Your Faithfully Guided providers take the time to understand your health concerns and ideate as a team on how best to treat them. Your mental health counselors share insight with the rest of your team to provide you with the best plan and treatment options for your healing.

You’re Wholly Important at Faithfully Guided

Whatever health concerns you have, you deserve a team of medical providers who comprehend how all of your systems work together. At Faithfully Guided, we know how integrated healthcare through a whole-person approach benefits you by taking care of all of your body — not just the parts exhibiting symptoms. Contact us today to learn how we can help you be healthier and happier. We are proud to be your partner on your journey to achieving abundant life!

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