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Did you know that most “diseases” today are consequences of poor lifestyle (stress, nutrition, movement, sleep)? Traditional healthcare only improves the disease processes by 10% and they are designed to treat symptoms rather than the root cause. You can choose to invest in your health today or pay exorbitant costs later in life. It is […]

How to Make A Long-Term Investment in Your Health

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Have you ever felt guilty for taking time for yourself, or wondered what constitutes unselfish self care? Striking a balance between work and rest has become increasingly difficult in our hectic lives. More than that, self care has caught a negative reputation for being selfish, leaving many of us feeling guilty for taking time for […]

How to Prioritize Unselfish Self Care

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Having a healthy spiritual life and living by faith does more than just make you feel happy and fulfilled — it also helps your body heal more efficiently and completely from physical and mental issues. At Faithfully Guided, we focus on a whole-person approach to health using biblical principles and evidence-based science so you can […]

The Relationship Between Faith and Your Healing

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Even though we may not often realize it, how we’re feeling physically and emotionally can impact our personal relationships too. When our health suffers, we unintentionally bring that to our interactions with people we love. Simply treating your uncomfortable symptoms rather than trying to find the root cause does you a disservice. That’s why at […]

Our Whole-Person Counseling Approach: Heal Your Relationships From Within

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