How to Make A Long-Term Investment in Your Health

Mental Well-being

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Did you know that most “diseases” today are consequences of poor lifestyle (stress, nutrition, movement, sleep)? Traditional healthcare only improves the disease processes by 10% and they are designed to treat symptoms rather than the root cause.

You can choose to invest in your health today or pay exorbitant costs later in life. It is reported that annual direct healthcare costs are five times more for a person living with chronic disease as compared to someone that is living without.

Treatment at the Source

When we focus on lifestyle modifications, we improve health outcomes by more than 80%. Faithfully Guided doesn’t stop there. We also employ our principles to empower your healing journey that includes tools such as:

The Whole-Person Approach

Since we started over five years ago, we have offered several types of memberships. We began with a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model but learned that it does not allow us the time we need to spend with each patient to really get to the root of the symptoms. Each visit with a medical provider is either 30 or 50 minutes, compared to the traditional 10-minute visit.

Our goal is simple, it is focused on finding and fixing the root cause of symptoms through advanced testing and our unique collaborative and whole-person approach. This approach, however, takes time, and that is our commitment to you, so you can get back to your life. We have had the privilege of working with thousands of clients and have continued to develop the most effective, science-backed model rooted in biblical principles aimed to create lasting health by practicing whole-body medicine.

Faithfully Guided is Your Guide to Long-Term Health

If you have been told everything’s fine because your labs came back “normal”, or just take this pill, and learn to live with your symptoms, or maybe, you have been told your illness is “just in your head”. It may be time for a different approach.

Taking on healing from a holistic approach can be intimidating. Our mission at Faithfully Guided is to guide you into a lifelong transformation of health in spirit, mind, and body. As an FGHC client, you will receive a prescriptive treatment plan and gain access to a variety of services to truly help you thrive. To learn more, fill out our contact form.

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