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Did you know that most “diseases” today are consequences of poor lifestyle (stress, nutrition, movement, sleep)? Traditional healthcare only improves the disease processes by 10% and they are designed to treat symptoms rather than the root cause. You can choose to invest in your health today or pay exorbitant costs later in life. It is […]

How to Make A Long-Term Investment in Your Health

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The holiday season can be stressful. Along with your other responsibilities, you may find yourself overwhelmed with selecting the perfect gift for your loved ones. Each year, our founders, Jamie and Ashlee, craft a gift guide to highlight intentional gifts that honor health, inside and out. This year, our focus is on the deep restoration […]

Faithfully Guided’s 2022 Gift Guide

It has been a while since we co-wrote a blog and let me tell you: we are thrilled about it! If you are new to us, let us officially welcome you! Who We Are Our vision is nearly two decades in the making. It started when Jamie, a pastoral counselor with a heart for educational […]

We’re Moving: A Message from Our Founders

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