Join the 2019 Daniel Plan Challenge!


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Daniel Plan Challenge Flyer

For six weeks, we will be focusing on The Daniel Plan’s five health essentials—faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends—much like our five pillars of health here at FGHC.

Get ready! We’re rolling out the challenge on Sunday, January 6 at the first weekly group meeting at Faithfully Guided Health Center at 5:30 pm. Bring your spouse, a co-worker or a few friends to join you in this health challenge. We’re offering it as a free service to the community, and all you need to do is purchase is The Daniel Plan book (available on Amazon).

So, what exactly is the goal of The Daniel Plan Challenge? The primary goal of this challenge is to help you develop a healthier, sustainable lifestyle in all five essential areas (faith, food, fitness, focus and friends). Is there a better way to start 2019? We don’t think so!

Following our first group meeting on January 6, we will continue hosting weekly group meetings throughout the six-week challenge to provide you with resources, encouragement, community, and support for your efforts and ours. We will have two meeting times each week—Sunday at 5:30 pm and Tuesday at 8:30 am—so you can pick the one that best fits your schedule.

Let’s walk together through this journey to a healthier life. Be sure to join our challenge group on Facebook and to follow our hashtag #FGHCdanielplan on Instagram for updates.

See you soon!

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