How Can Direct Primary Care and Functional Medicine Improve My Health?


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The spirit, mind, and body all have an effect on one another, which is why Faithfully Guided Health Center (FGHC) focuses on the “whole” person.  Let’s take a closer look at FGHCs direct primary care and functional medicine services and philosophies:

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care is designed to help you achieve, monitor and maintain optimal health.

We begin with a collaborative intake assessment which includes a medical history and physical, temperament analysis, brain health analysis and lab work. All of this data is then used to develop your customized wellness plan.  In addition to office visits with our practitioners, you can choose a direct primary care package that may include targeted LED therapy, infrared sauna therapy, holy yoga classes, Alpha-Stim treatments and more.

Functional Medicine

Commonly referred to as functional medicine, FGHC incorporates functional medicine principles and philosophies into our lifestyle and integrative medicine services. Kelly TIngler, PA-C, emphasizes that functional medicine does not just treat symptoms.  It involves evaluating the person as a whole, identifying the root cause of disease and developing a collaborative solution which encourages and promotes overall health.  Achieving optimal health involves a different process for each person.  Functional medicine at FGHC considers all aspects of your mind, body and spirit, including nutrition, stress, chronic diseases, hormones and more.

Do you feel like your health and/or overall outlook on life is not where it use to be or should be?  If so, then FGHCs direct primary care and functional medicine practitioners can help you better understand the connection between the spirt, mind, and body and develop a reasonable and comfortable wellness plan designed to not just treat your symptoms, but actually identify obstacles that are hindering your overall health.

Interested in learning more about FGHCs direct primary care and functional medicine services?  If so, give us a call today.

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