Enjoy the Journey


Kayaking in a lake

As the summer winds down, we find ourselves busier than we would like to be. Some are transitioning into a new academic school year, deciding on extracurricular activities for the fall, or attempting to get organized for a new fiscal year. Is summer really over so soon? It seems as though when we were kids, time passed so slowly, days seemed so long, and we were often ready to return to school. Today is different. With the season of busyness for many, even the younger generations feel time flying by.

Our family is no different, this summer has blown by and has really caused me to reflect upon one of our last family memories of summer 2017. My family decided to spend a day on the water focusing time on each other in God’s majestic creation. What could be better than the ocean, fishing, sunshine, family time, and NO TECHNOLOGY with minimal distractions? Raising three boys has given me the opportunity to discover joy in the simple things in life — like being outside.

The day began with much uncertainty. The weather was temperamental and the decision to stay back was highly considered. However, we were determined to “fit in one more family activity” and so we did. My husband spent all morning preparing the boat, we stopped on the way to pack all our favorite snacks, we set out on the water with overcast skies and even a few drops of rain every now and then. We prayed on the truck ride over that we would give this day to the Lord, that every moment or challenge would be an opportunity for us to be still enough to receive God’s blessings throughout the day.

It wasn’t but 15 minutes into our journey out to sea “seemingly nowhere” that our faithful old boat started to sound its’ alarm. This alarm in past experiences triggered frustration, irritation, and even panic on my end. We were on a mission, we knew where we were going, how to get there, and we had “fish to catch”! Traditionally, this sound would cause us to stop, allow the motor to cool down and then proceed on our way. Today was different, though the alarm caused us to stop, this time we prayed for God’s mercy and trusted in His provision for our day. It just so happened that in this particular spot, in the middle of nowhere, we caught many fish, experienced great laughs, and were even able to catch a glimpse of a rainbow from the sun peering through the sky. It was a reminder of God’s promise, His faithful blessings experienced “on the journey”.

What if we had an internal alarm that would sound when our “motors” were at the point of burnout? Would we immediately stop, right where we were, take in the rest and beauty that surrounded us in that instant or moment? What are we missing when we are so focused on our destination?

I pray this new season reminds you to slow down, enjoy the process, the journey, and to prioritize what matters most (God, spouse, children, family, friends, and then our jobs…and yes, in that order). If your alarm is sounding, though it may seem to be an impossibility to stop where you are, TRUST our loving Father for He is our true guide and will give adequate rest to continue on the journey. You may be pleasantly surprised by the blessings you discover along the way.

May this bless you abundantly!

Jamie Schofield

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