Shifting the Culture of Health in Ocala


Patient and physician interaction

Our Medical Director, Dr. Mel Seek, provided some key insights for our team recently during a recent team training. He informed us that a 2018 health report ranked Marion County 49th out of 67 counties in Florida for health outcomes. These outcomes are based on how long people live and how healthy they feel. As you would expect, this was very unsettling news for our team. Dr. Seek challenged us to help shift the culture of health in Ocala – and we are up for the challenge!

If you are reading this article, we know you don’t want to a part of this statistic.

At Faithfully Guided Health Center we are striving to guide Ocala to better health and abundant life!

One of the hurdles in conventional medicine is a reactive approach to your health, focusing on symptoms and not the root cause of disease. Our approach at FGHC is very different. We encounter clients every day seeking help with depression, weight gain, fatigue, chronic pain, among other things – we help the client understand that the symptoms are not the root issue. Whether it be chronic stress, hormone imbalance, toxic overload, poor nutrition or a number of other causes – we address the root cause and focus on restoring balance to the body. During the process, the client is equipped with the tools to maintain that balance for the rest of their life.

When you come to see us, our intake process is going to look a little bit different than you’re used to. As we mentioned in the last article, What Makes FGHC Unique, our model is collaborative between medical providers and counselors. Each client visiting FGHC will first experience a one hour intake with a healthcare clinician. Next, you will receive a Temperament Analysis (spiritual genetics) and Brain Health Assessment. The intake process will be completed by a healthcare clinician for follow up based on what our team has gathered. We will then give a personalized prescription or treatment plan that will help guide you towards optimal health.

Our model may seem complicated, but it’s truly simple. When we promote excellent nutrition, help you discover optimal movement, teach you how to manage your stress, demonstrate the restorative power of sleep, all with a spiritual foundation – we can eliminate and prevent 80% of chronic disease! These are our five pillars of health and the focus of our lifestyle medicine approach to health. Here at FGHC our role is to be your guide – providing you with support, guidance, and tools in your toolbox; but ultimately you determine the state of your own health, we just help you get there!

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