Ocala’s Grow In Kindness Day


Child playing hero

Faithfully Guided is passionate about family life, specifically, the role of children and youth today. With increased demands of family life, lack of quality time, and exponential growth in technology, children and youth are not learning the social and problem-solving skills necessary for healthy relationships. As a result, bullying has become one of the more common household topics. Bullying has been internationally researched, curriculums have been created, campaigns implemented, policies and laws put in place, but yet we struggle as a society to find the right answers. Faithfully Guided believes we need to change our mindset and take personal responsibility by creating a culture of kindness. It begins with each person. The answer does not lie within the schools, community, or even the legal system. If we continue to pass the blame and responsibility, our culture will stay the same. We have a responsibility to teach children and youth resiliency strategies and practice the simple choice to be kind. We can empower each other in our choice to respond in a different way.

Almost five years ago, Faithfully Guided began a community anti-bullying campaign to ignite the community in awareness and collaboration. Faithfully Guided has partnered with community organizations, schools, businesses, health professionals, pastors, educators, and law enforcement. Because of these efforts, anti-bullying weeks of awareness were created and implemented, many presentations to youth and adults were given, and a tool-kit of academically based character education was written and implemented in a community summer camp that is now shared with other educators. One of the most influential partnerships has been with the Marion County Children’s Alliance, specifically, the Community Council Against Substance Abuse (CCASA) workgroup, where we have partnered in the efforts of Red Ribbon Week and National Bullying Prevention Month during the month of October in the Marion County Public and Private Schools. In 2014, Mayor Kent Guinn, officially proclaimed October 22 as Ocala’s Grow In Kindness Day to support the national efforts of Unity Day for Anti-bullying. With your continued support, Faithfully Guided is able to partner with the community in projects to provide pastoral counseling, anti-bullying education, and resources for our children, youth, and families. Healthy individuals make healthy families which create healthy communities. God Bless!

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