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We’re Moving: A Message from Our Founders

It has been a while since we co-wrote a blog and let me tell you: we are thrilled about it!

Dr. Ashlee’s Breast Cancer Journey

There are few words that evoke such emotion as the word “cancer.

How to Prioritize Unselfish Self Care

Have you ever felt guilty for taking time for yourself, or wondered what constitutes unselfish self care?

Using the Past to Plan for Your Future Health

We’ve all heard the saying, “Leave the past in the past.

The Relationship Between Faith and Your Healing

Having a healthy spiritual life and living by faith does more than just make you feel happy and fulfilled — it also helps your body heal more efficiently and completely from physical and mental issues.

Inflammation: What Causes It and How Can I Prevent It?

We may only think about inflammation as a negative thing, but it’s designed to be a protective immune response to stress, illness, or injury.

Fuel Your Mind: Our Top 5 Brain-Feeding Foods

It’s no secret that what we eat affects our physical and mental health.