Finding Rest


pillows and barre in a yoga studio

Life has a way of creeping up on us, doesn’t it? All of a sudden our weekly schedules, commitments, and must-dos are more than we would like to handle. We’re in the middle of Holy Yoga training, and the concept of living and acting with a sense of peace keeps coming up. God continues to speak, “Be still,” into our lives. Rest in Me; I will take care of you.

When we know we are in His plan, He works out the details. We don’t have to worry or strive to make things happen faster. We just have to follow Him in the interim. This can be the uncomfortable space He uses to shape us for what comes next. And in the meantime, we let our emotions and actions fall under what brings our souls peace.

This idea of only saying, thinking, and acting in a way that maintains the peace within us is an incredible tool for staying centered. When overwhelming feelings invade your heart space, breathe in the assurance of Psalm 46:10.

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