Our Whole-Person Counseling Approach: Heal Your Relationships From Within


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Even though we may not often realize it, how we’re feeling physically and emotionally can impact our personal relationships too. When our health suffers, we unintentionally bring that to our interactions with people we love.

Simply treating your uncomfortable symptoms rather than trying to find the root cause does you a disservice. That’s why at Faithfully Guided, we use a whole-person approach to take a comprehensive look at your health. We treat the issues you are experiencing with your nervous system while also guiding you to become more aware and ask better questions when you feel a particular way. It is part of our comprehensive model to help you increase stress resiliency based on your unique identity, achieve more productive rest, and heal in every area of your life. When you feel better mentally, you’re better equipped to have healthier relationships.

How Adverse Symptoms Threaten Relationships

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Having poor eating habits and not exercising is detrimental to your health. An unhealthy diet leads to inflammation, anxiety, inattention, obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart conditions, and cancers, while bad sleeping habits and a sedentary lifestyle lead to impaired mental function, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and asthma.


Our society seems to value constantly being busy and tired, so it will not surprise you that stress is common. But what you may not know is that it can also lead to negative health symptoms that can cause bigger issues down the road if left untreated. These symptoms are not just physical and include the following mental and emotional changes.

  • Headache
  • Muscle tension
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep problems
  • Upset stomach
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Lack of interest in exercise
  • Social withdrawal
  • Unhealthy eating habits

Essentially, stress creates hormonal imbalances, depletes the brain’s happiness-inducing chemicals, leads to cardiovascular disease and gut digestive disorders, and impairs your immunity. Chronic stress creates inflammation which causes disease in the body and has been proven to shorten our lifespans. While there is no way we as humans can completely avoid stress, we can equip ourselves to handle it better with the appropriate tools.

How Counseling Helps Restore Relationships

Through counseling and a whole-person approach to your health, you can strengthen your identity and truly heal by developing successful coping mechanisms and symptoms healed at the source rather than only the manifestation.

Our faith-based counseling services allow you to share and draw meaning from your story which can lead to a greater sense of purpose and connection. Our services include a combination of scripture, science, and strategies that incorporate self-compassion and forgiveness, leaning into healthy conflict resolution and boundaries, learning to gently embrace all emotions, and becoming emotionally resilient by living out your values and cultivating a deeper sense of purpose. We guide you through your experiences and help you reprocess the chapters in your life through a healthy perspective that promotes overall health in your spirit, mind, and body.

Temperament Therapy

In addition to the methods listed above, the counselors at Faithfully Guided specialize in temperament therapy, which is over 90% effective. Temperament therapy identifies your innate temperament, how you meet your emotional needs associated with it, and the adverse effects of not having your emotional needs met which can create toxic stress.

The National Christian Counselors Association recognizes 3 temperament components.

  • the mind which determines our thinking process
  • the will which determines how we make decisions
  • the emotions which determine our need for emotional intimacy

Each of these areas offers unique emotional needs that are either expressed, which is what we think we want, vs. responsive, which is what we actually want. Understanding how these needs correlate to temperaments allows our counselors to identify internal stressors and guide you in relieving them.

Faithfully Guided Heals Your Relationships From the Inside Out

When you feel more qualified to handle your life’s stresses, you are less prone to stress-related illnesses or mental and emotional breakdowns. As you are more at peace with yourself, you can be more at peace with God and with others, allowing you to more fully give and receive love, peace, patience, self-control, and happiness.

Faithfully Guided’s whole-person approach to counseling restores your health but is just one component to discovering abundant life. To ensure you are healthy in every area, we use a collaborative approach with a team of invested, caring health professionals who promote healing through lifestyle changes intended to treat your whole person. Contact us today so our experienced team can help you get started restoring your health and your relationships.

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