How Strong is Your Spiritual Foundation?


Group of people in prayer together

At FGHC, our mission is to help you achieve optimal health and abundant life.

Sure, that sounds great, you may be thinking. But how?

In previous articles, we introduced our Five Pillars of Health:

  • Spiritual Foundation
  • Excellent Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Optimal Movement
  • Restorative Sleep

Research has shown that by addressing 4 out of 5 of these lifestyle factors we can prevent, reverse and eliminate more than 80 percent of chronic disease. Amazing, right?

At Faithfully Guided, we’ve added the fifth pillar which we believe is the key to unlocking the power needed for success in the other four – Spiritual Foundation. Being a faith-based health center, we recognize that God is ultimately in control of every aspect of our lives, including our health. We help guide our clients into a growing relationship with Him, to discover their true identity, to find meaning and purpose in life, and to develop a healthy support system who will ultimately encourage them to be the healthiest version of themselves.

So, how strong is the Spiritual Foundation in your life? Would you like to take an inventory?

Here are 5 questions to consider:

1. Are you growing in your relationship with God?

A key aspect of spiritual growth is spending time with God. How do we do this? We spend quality time reading our Bible to learn who God is and His truth for our lives. We pray on a regular basis so we can communicate with Him. Being a part of a local church body where we can worship alongside other believers, serve one another, and be disciplined, challenged, and encouraged builds a firm foundation for truth and accountability in our lives.

2. Do you know your meaning and purpose in life?

This question may seem overwhelming to answer, but sometimes the answer is truly simple. We believe the purpose in life is to glorify God and make Him known in all we do – but this can look different in each of our lives. Think about what God has called you to in life. What are you good at? What do you enjoy and find fulfillment in doing? God’s will is often easier than we make it out to be. It is about doing the next right thing, using the abilities He has given us, right where we are planted. Have you answered that call? Why not?

3. Does the way you spend your time align with your purpose and values?

An easy way to answer this question is to look at your calendar. What do you make time for? For some of us our work provides meaning and purpose in life, but does your free time reflect these as well? Step back and evaluate your life, is the “busy-ness” necessary? Or is it a distraction from what God has for you?

4. Have you developed a strong support system in your life?

This doesn’t only mean your family relationships – it can be friends, coworkers, or mentors. We are greatly influenced by the people we spend the most time with. These should be positive, encouraging, emotionally and spiritually strong people whose values align with your own. Often these relationships don’t fall into your lap, sometimes you need to seek them out. So find someone you admire and ask them out for a smoothie, then (here’s the key) sit and LISTEN!

5. What are your motivations to get healthy?

Identifying what motivates us is key to getting healthy. Are you wanting to lose a few pant sizes or look better in that bathing suit next summer? Don’t get me wrong, losing weight and toning your muscles are wonderful goals and they make a lasting impact on your health, but this shouldn’t be our only focus. We want our bodies to keep up while we’re fulfilling the purpose God has for us. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and the quality of life for our families and future generations is important to consider. If we have no energy, suffer from pain, or struggle with feeling depressed then how can we have an impact for the Lord in this world or enjoy the abundant life He has for us?

At FGHC we believe the Spiritual Foundation is most important in our approach to lifestyle medicine. We were created as a Spirit, Mind, and Body – our goal at Faithfully Guided is to connect all three so that we can reach optimal health.

Do you need help in this area? Please call at (352) 512-0631 and schedule an appointment to complete our Collaborative Intake where we will develop a personalized Wellness Plan addressing all five of these pillars, starting with Spiritual Foundation.

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