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Whole-Person Approach 

Our custom medical services are individualized, patient-centered, and science-based. We address the underlying cause of disease by looking at the whole person, including the brain, and its impact on mental health. We don’t just manage disease using medication. Our goal is to reverse diseases by addressing their root cause to heal your body. We teach you how to adopt a healthy lifestyle using our unique five-pillar model. When necessary, however, we do use medical-grade supplements and medications as a treatment therapy.

We know that your individual genes, environment, and lifestyle play a role in your overall health. We take the necessary time to understand how these impact your symptoms because research shows one condition has many causes and one cause has many conditions. Our team develops a partnership with you by spending the time to understand all of your health concerns and guide you to optimal health.

When you partner with us, rather than seeing one medical provider who writes a prescription and rushes you out of the door, you have a whole team of dynamic practitioners who passionately brainstorm and ideate together on how to best help you live your healthiest life. Our medical providers are conventionally trained, board-certified, and have received additional training from the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Diagnostic Testing

We understand that the world of healthcare can be confusing and overwhelming. Our goal is to help you regain balance and vitality in your life through a straightforward plan we develop together. We use evidence-based diagnostic testing such as an InBody composition scan, heart rate variability assessment that measures your ability to regulate stress, as well as a full range of standard and functional testing including:

  • Nutritional evaluations
  • Genetic testing
  • Food sensitivities
  • Adrenal salivary index
  • Thyroid function
  • Cardiac risk factors
  • Gastrointestinal testing
  • Cholesterol particle testing
  • Immune function testing
  • Female hormone panel
  • Male hormone panel

Membership Options

Our membership plans are the heartbeat of our center. Our membership model allows you to save money by paying a monthly fee for our services to avoid deductibles and co-pays. We recommend a high-deductible plan to cover unexpected medical emergencies. Our affordable memberships allow unlimited access to a medical provider, which includes preventative screenings and routine follow-ups. We accept insurance for services like labs, imaging, and specialist visits, or we have favorable negotiated rates with local providers. View our membership page to learn more.

Functional Health Services at Faithfully Guided

We offer a wide variety of health services proven to prevent, reverse, and eliminate chronic diseases. Our functional and integrative health services include:

  • General health visits and preventative care
  • Autoimmune disorders and hypothyroidism treatment
  • Chronic conditions and disease management
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions
  • Weight management
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy replacement
  • Digestive health treatment
  • Anxiety and depression treatment

Abundant life is achievable and is a journey on which we’d love to walk beside you in support of you. If you are interested in learning more about our unique model, contact us online or schedule a tour of our facility.