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By Kelly Tingler, PA-C

What if I told you that there are billions of bacteria living in your body… and it was a good thing?!?

At Faithfully Guided the gut is often the place we start with our clients who are experiencing a number of issues, from anxiety/depression to an autoimmune condition (where the body’s immune system attacks itself instead of outside invaders).  

We start here because researchers are finding overall health of our bodies is very closely link to the health of our gut.  

Much of our gut health goes back to the quantity and variety of our gut microbiome.  The microbiome are the millions of bacterial microorganisms that live inside our colon and help us digest, absorption, and protect our gut.  That includes both the good and bad bacteria that live inside our digestive tract.

Many things influence our gut microbiome – firstly, the food we eat can greatly influence it.  Depending on the types of food we consume we are either feeding the good or bad bacteria.

The good microorganisms like to feed on fiber – also known as pre-biotics.  You find fiber in fruits, vegetables and some type of whole grain.  

Another thing that influences our microbiome is how many antibiotics we’ve taken in our lives.  Antibiotics kill off both the good and bad bacteria, so it’s important to replenish those we’ve lost after taking a course, and desperately try to avoid antibiotics when possible.  Lastly, the way we born directly influences what types of bacteria live in and on our bodies from day 1 of birth.  That’s why we always ask our clients whether they were born via c-section or natural delivery.  

Whether or not you were breastfed also influences the variety of our microbiome.

Take a look at this short video that goes into more detail about our gut microbiome and come see us at Faithfully Guided if you feel like your gut health could use some help!