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Pastoral counseling is a type of counseling that integrates both psychological and theological training and counseling methods in the treatment and approach. The goal of pastoral counseling is to allow God to become the source of healing, wisdom, and hope instead of the counselor or oneself. Our pastoral counseling services are available to individuals, couples, marriages, families, and groups.

Our NCCA licensed clinical pastoral counselors specialize in Temperament Therapy, a biblically-based counseling model that is more than 90% successful when utilized because it allows the counselor to address issues at the source rather than the outer manifestations or symptoms. When temperament is pinpointed and understood, we can use this knowledge to lead clients in a direction designed to promote self-awareness, strengthen identity, and cope and counteract stress. The end result is strengthened identity and increased potential in relationships with God, family, and community.

Faithfully Guided Health Center offers clinical Christian counseling services. Our therapists are licensed and/or registered with the state of Florida.

Our counseling services are unique in that we collaborate with a team of professionals to promote healing through lifestyle interventions that help treat the whole person, sprint, mind, and body.

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