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At Faithfully Guided Health Center, we offer a collaborative and faith-based model of counseling, also known as pastoral or Christian counseling. This practice integrates both psychological and theological training with counseling methods.

It is our goal to meet you where you are by cultivating a safe and trusted place to navigate your individual response through faith-based counseling. Our goal is to restore your identity and hope, no matter the situation. Not only will you find relief for your mental health, but you’re also focusing on spiritual health. At Faithfully Guided, we place emphasis on hope that integrates scripture, science, and strategies through our faith based counseling services.


Our pastoral and Christian counselors are certified through the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), meaning that they have taken and completed specific pastoral counseling and continuing education courses. We also integrate mental health counseling with specializations in trauma and play therapy.

Our Approach

Additionally, our counselors specialize in temperament therapy, a biblically-based counseling model that is more than 90% successful when utilized. This allows your counselor to address your issues at their source, rather than focusing on outer manifestations or symptoms. When the core issue is identified, we use this knowledge to lead you in a direction designed to promote self-awareness, strengthen your identity, and implement stress resiliency practices. You will come away with a strengthened identity, allowing you to grow in your relationships with God, your family, and your community.

At Faithfully Guided, we serve all people. Restoring your mental and spiritual health through faith based counseling is just one part of your journey to abundant life. Our counseling services are unique because we collaborate with a team of wellness professionals to promote healing through lifestyle interventions. This is designed to treat your spirit, mind, and body.

Counseling at Faithfully Guided

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