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We believe that reaching optimal health is a personal journey that requires you to constantly fuel your body with the very best vitamins and minerals. Essential nutrients and vitamins can be found in the foods you consume or the vitamins you take, but did you know there’s an even better way to absorb the most nutrients while targeting your specific health needs?

What Are IV Nutrients?

IV nutrient therapy directly administers necessary vitamins and minerals into your bloodstream to maximize absorption and help treat ailments. When you take vitamins orally, the absorption rate averages around 50%. IV nutrient therapy has an average absorption rate of 90%, meaning almost all of the dosage is absorbed by your body.

With IV nutrients, you are giving your body much needed vitamins and minerals while also directly targeting areas of concern to support your overall health. Our most popular therapy, Myers’ cocktail, protects your body against fatigue, muscle spasms, infections, anxiety, and more! This makes the Myers’ cocktail great for after a workout, a strenuous day, or to protect against illness.

Benefits of IV Nutrients

There are many benefits to IV nutrient therapy to aid in your health journey. Your body is able to maximize absorption with IV nutrients while also.

  • Improving vitality
  • Detoxifying your body
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Increasing clarity and focus
  • Supporting hydration
  • Reversing the aging process
  • Encouraging cell revitalization and regeneration
  • Nourishing your hair, skin, and nails

Our IV Nutrient Menu

We currently offer five different IV treatments to promote healing and support your lifestyle. All of our treatments are done in our health center located in Ocala, FL. We are offering discounted prices as outlined below for non-members and members (in parentheses):

  • Normal Saline 500cc – $50
  • Normal Saline 1000cc – $75
  • Myer’s Cocktail – $135 (without boosters) or $125 (with boosters)


  • 1 Gram Glutathione – $70
  • 2 Gram Glutathione – $140
  • High-Dose Vitamin C – $135
  • Vitamin B-12 – $25
  • L-Glutamine – $15

Faithfully Guided members receive a 10% discount on all IV treatments.

IV nutrient therapy is just one way to reach complete and total wellness. You may be looking for an energizing vitamin drip to kickstart your health journey or a rehydrating treatment to aid in detoxification and recovery. Contact us to learn more about an IV treatment that’s right for you!

No refunds, credit can be transferred to other services at FGHC.