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At Faithfully Guided, we believe in a collaborative model that examines your whole person: spirit, mind, and body.

In an industry that relies on symptom management, we believe that finding the root causation of your symptoms allows you to heal deeply and live fully. We strive for soul transformation, as designed by God. Your health journey is supported by a combined approach that includes functional medicine practices, faith-based and story-informed counseling, and restorative treatments so you can heal, live, and thrive.

With this combination of our core services, we believe, you can achieve the abundant life you were designed for. That is why we offer a membership that allows you to take advantage of our wide array of services for one convenient monthly cost. The Thrive Membership is named appropriately, because not only do we want you to heal and find symptom relief, but we desire real transformation so you can thrive!

Our Thrive Membership

Our membership includes all of the services and guidance you’ll need to heal, live, and thrive. This includes:

  • (4) 50-minute Functional Medicine (FM) visits, and (4) 30-minute follow-up visits (OV). (1) scheduled appointment every 6 weeks. Any appointments that are outside the allotted agreement will be fee-for-service pricing.
  • (4) Counseling sessions. Any appointments that are outside the allotted agreement will be fee-for-service pricing.
  • Unlimited portal access with your provider.
  • Access to prescriptive restorative treatments including infrared sauna and RelaxRX session. (discounted pricing for other FGHC restorative services see examples below.)
  • $20 off each counseling session.
  • 10% off all other services (therapeutic mud bath, HBOT, IV therapy, ozone, and clinical grade supplements.)
  • All memberships paid in full will receive a 10% discount off the annual price.
  • After one year, memberships will automatically be deducted once a month unless a 30-day written notice is given.

The cost of our Thrive Membership is $199/month with a 12-month commitment. Your health journey is unique and we want to lead you through healing and transformation which takes time. This investment in your health is designed to strengthen you and your family.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: This is a 12-month commitment. The client is responsible for all monthly or annual payments within the 12-month period. There are no refunds.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

If you are ready to transform your body and soul, we’re excited to meet you right where you are. Investing in your health not only allows you to change your own life, but positively impact those closest to you.

If you are interested in becoming a Thrive Member, fill out our inquiry form below so one of our team members can connect with you.

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