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What makes Faithfully Guided Health Center truly unique is that all of the wellness services you need to reach your health goals are located at one convenient location. We offer four different memberships to save you money and make it even easier to prioritize your health. 

Standard Direct Primary Care Membership 

$75/month (12 months of care)

Our standard direct primary care package is the foundation of most memberships we offer and it’s unlike common primary care services. All of our medical providers are conventionally trained and board-certified, but they have also received additional training from the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. We believe food is medicine and that plants can be more effective than pills.

Restorative Membership 

$100/month (12 months of care)

If you enjoy our restorative therapeutic services, our restorative membership is a popular option. Choose from a wide range of services each month to help feel refreshed and restored for a flat fee each month. This membership does not require clients to go through our collaborative intake assessment. You may not be looking for primary care or counseling, but if you are seeking detoxification, this membership includes restorative services that promote optimal health.

Restorative Membership with Direct Primary Care

$150/month (12 months of care)

We recommend this membership option after completing Phase 1 of your health journey. You can enjoy our wide range of restorative therapeutic services with access to direct primary care (DPC.) 

myLifeStyleOcala Membership

$244/month (12 months of care)

Our myLifeStyleOcala (MLO) membership is often recommended upon completion of Phase II and/or it is recommended directly after Phase I. It’s our most comprehensive plan that focuses on maintaining your health goals and longevity.