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  • Discover

    You and your team of providers will develop a customized health plan based on our unique Five Pillar Model, focusing on purpose, nutrition, stress, movement, and sleep.

  • Heal

    Using your newly created health plan, evidenced-based treatments and restorative services are implemented to begin your health journey.

  • Live

    Through continued accountability, you will adopt healthier habits that will help keep you on the path of your desired health goals so you can thrive.

How Each Phase Works

Phase I

The Discovery Process

The first step in your health journey is to begin the discovery process. This process will allow our team to take the time necessary to assess and obtain a deeper understanding of your entire being.

You will have two discovery sessions, with each meeting digging deeper into what makes you you in order to craft a plan that allows you to achieve your health goals.

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Phase II


After creating a plan for your health journey, together, we will focus on the implementation of your specific goals set from the recommendations during your discovery sessions. The heal segment of your journey is designed to help you resolve chronic conditions and improve your health. During this time, we are focusing on detoxification and counseling.

This phase in your health journey can take the longest depending on your health needs. By taking the time to heal spiritually, mentally, and physically, you will be that much closer to living abundantly.

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Phase III


Once you complete your healing, we will help you create a healthy community that empowers you to maintain your health goals. You will experience accountability and ongoing support as you transition through the various seasons of life.

We will continue to monitor your progress through objective data found in our unique Five Pillar Model, heart rate variability tests, InBody scan, and biometric testing.

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Meet Your Team

We are a team of caring and experienced professionals who love guiding and encouraging each of our clients to become their better self. With over 50 years of combined experience, we seek to develop a lifetime of restorative health that will have a generational impact.

Meet Your Team

Care Above and Beyond Expectations

You’re not just a client at Faithfully Guided. You are a part of our family and your health journey is one that you don’t have to take alone.

Our Five Pillar Model

  • Purpose

    Elevate your meaning and purpose.

  • Nutrition

    Nourish yourself for healing and longevity.

  • Stress

    Discover your unique response to stress and optimize brain health.

  • Movement

    Ensure your body moves for balance and vitality.

  • Sleep

    Reprioritize a fundamental need for recovery.

We also examine how lifestyle might have affected your genetic programming, called epigenetics. While genetics gives us a blueprint for creating a human, that process is heavily affected by the environment. The quality of your environment is strongly influenced by your lifestyle choices.”

Dr. Ashlee Seek

Symptoms We Treat

Our bodies are a connected whole and one health concern will affect how other systems function. At Faithfully Guided, we seek root causes for health issues and find connections to determine more effective and long-lasting results instead of quick fixes that just mask the symptom.



Gut Issues


Chronic Pain






Weight Management

Chronic Diseases





Ashlee Seek is AMAZING along with the staff. She not only spends a lot of time with me but believes in preventative care. They heal from the inside out. She is extremely thorough doesn’t push medications. Im finally feeling “normal” again (lots of changes in hormones). Give her a try you won’t regret it!

Merrissa S.

The FGHC family is a blessing to this community. Everyone from the counselors to the doctors, to the office staff. Their care, compassion, and consideration is setting a standard that is unmatched in the health industry. They have a heart to see brokenness healed and healthy. I can’t believe that this exists in Ocala.

Jessi K.

FGHC is a great group of people operating in a very unique medical facility, especially for Ocala. Offering functional (holistic) medicine and Christian counseling in a collaborative approach has really set them up to help people. I would highly recommend giving them a try.

Jim T.

Become a Member

At Faithfully Guided, we offer memberships that allow you access to services and benefits through a simplified system. It also gives you the opportunity to partake in many different areas of health all in one place!

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