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After creating a plan for your health journey, together, we will focus on the implementation of your specific goals set from the recommendations during your discovery sessions. The healing phase is designed to help you resolve chronic conditions and improve your health. During this phase, we are focusing on detoxification and counseling.

You will:

  • Begin your customized health and detox plan to rid yourself of negative thoughts, unhealthy habits, and environmental exposures.
  • Enjoy one therapeutic mud bath to aid in the deep detoxification of your brain, liver, and fat cells.
  • We often recommend scheduling 2-4 counseling sessions a month that can address unresolved emotional trauma, increase healthy coping and relationship skills, and strengthen the person God created you to be.
  • Implement your goals found within your Five Pillar plan to increase your gut-brain connection and live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Utilize your prescribed infrared sauna, RelaxRx, and RecoverRx treatments.
  • Experience personalized health coaching to help you achieve your goals and improve brain health.
  • Receive guidance with chronic diseases, including Adrenal and Thyroid Health, and Weight Management.
  • Complete quarterly heart rate variability (HRV) tests and InBody scans based on your personalized plan.
  • 10% off of supplements and additional treatments to include counseling.

You have the option to purchase a discounted restorative membership or restorative membership with direct primary care membership (DPC) included.