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Learn About Effective Communication

We are so excited to offer a Brain Talk with our functional neurologist, Dr. Jeri, this month. Join us on Thursday, October 22nd at 7:00 PM in our health center to explore effective communication practices.

Poor communication skills, disagreements, and misunderstandings can be a source of anger and distance, while effective communication can be a springboard to stronger relationships and a happier future. Effective communication happens when we understand the six unique patterns of perception. Each one determines how an individual with that pattern absorbs, organizes, remembers, and expresses information.

In this workshop, Dr. Jeri shows others how understanding their own perceptual style can increase their self-esteem and help them relate to others who never seem to understand them.

This workshop will give you a greater understanding of your own processing style and how you think. It is important to understand the processing styles of others if you are asking for a raise, teaching, in a position of leadership, or trying to get your children to clean their rooms.

About Dr. Jeri LaVigne, EdD., PhD.,

Dr. Jeri is an educational psychologist that has been working in the Atlanta area for more than 25 years helping children and adults reach their goals and dreams by teaching them how to better process information. Once people understand how they process or do not process the vital information that they have to take in and understand, Jeri works with them to fill in the gaps and help them acquire that information and process it more fully. She is also an Irlen Director and Neurofeedback practitioner.

Following social distancing guidelines, spots are limited. Please RSVP using our form below.