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The Importance of a Healthy Brain

Your brain is the control center for your nervous system which sends signals and commands to your entire body and all of its intricate systems. The brain controls every aspect of our shared humanity and basic functions, from love, joy, and memory to talking, moving, and even breathing. These complex functions are controlled by different parts of your brain that work collaboratively between two overarching hemispheres.

You’ve most likely heard the term “left brain” or “right brain” because all of us have one brain hemisphere that is more dominant compared to the other. While this slight dominance is natural, in some cases, one of your hemispheres isn’t as strong as the other and creates an imbalance

The Risk of Imbalance to Your Health

This imbalance results in the unevenness of functional abilities in which one side of your brain is advanced or “too strong” compared to the other side that has skills and functions that are underdeveloped and weaker. 

Obsessive, compulsive, or hyperactive behaviors are examples of the left hemisphere being too strong and producing symptoms. This combination of strengths and weaknesses can result in many different types of physical, mental, health, and learning issues that can last a lifetime. Many conditions stemming from this imbalance include:

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Dyslexia
  • OCD
  • Memory and Concentration Issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Blood Sugar Imbalances
  • Muscle and Sensory Imbalances

These conditions cause a variety of physical and physiological ailments, such as back pain, headaches, dizziness, and immune imbalances. Your body relies upon tightly controlled balances within all of its systems for optimal health. As your brain sends signals to help regulate these balances throughout your body, an imbalance here can lead to many downstream imbalances elsewhere. 

By correcting this brain imbalance, your health can be restored with these wellness and functional deficits being healed from their root cause.

Brain Health Assessment in Your Health Journey

Fortunately, brain imbalances are not likely to cause permanent damage to the brain. This imbalance is simply a physiologic, electrical imbalance that can be corrected in most cases.

A brain health assessment is included in your health journey process. This looks at behavioral symptoms that you may be experiencing related to specific regions of the brain.  From this information, we are able to implement specific and evidence-based treatments that have been proven to increase blood flow to that region for optimal function. We are certified in Amen Clinic’s brain health coaching, which allows our providers to consider brain health in our overall health plan. For example, the brain health assessment identifies more than one type of anxiety/depression and therefore, our team can recommend specific foods, supplements/medication, and lifestyle interventions for optimal outcomes. 

Every brain is different, so every program at Faithfully Guided is individually designed for your specific needs. Often a combination of techniques and technologies is used to create healing, brain balancing, or peak performance.

Interactive Metronome

One brain health strategy we recommend is Interactive Metronome (IM), which is a computer-based technology that enhances neural-timing in adaptability, motor planning, sequencing, and timing in adults and children. IM can improve speech, communication, coordination, and learning, as these are performance-based skills that depend on the ability to plan and sequence actions and ideas. IM has also been used to treat traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and Alzheimer’s.  

IM is a supportive tool that is used with other services such as occupational therapy, educational tutoring, and counseling to maximize improvements. OT and IM work together to improve attention, handwriting, sensory integration, sports performance, gross & fine motor, memory, and help to reduce anxiety. Sessions will consist of both OT strategies and IM in order to maximize the benefit of both services and in turn, maximizing the outcome for our clients.


  • Virtual IM Program: $1025.00 (does not include the cost of software)

For more information on IM, please check out our blog post.

Implement Brain Strategies with Faithfully Guided

When the imbalance in your brain is corrected, your system can be balanced and allow your brain to work correctly. This also lessens any learning, behavioral, and social issues. Whether these imbalances begin in your childhood or later in your life, they can be addressed and corrected! 

At Faithfully Guided, your team of medical and wellness specialists takes the time to not only understand your brain’s health, but also your spiritual, emotional, and physical health. Our whole-person approach creates a complete roadmap to reach your health goals.