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What is FG Live?

FG LIVE (Learn, Impact, Validate, Empower) is a Marion County Hospital District grant-funded program designed to optimize health, reduce hospitalizations, and decrease co-morbid conditions in those with Diabetes Mellitus.

The program is free for any type 2 diabetic. The program will start on January 3rd and participants will meet every Tuesday until the end of August 2023. We will meet for 1 hour a week in a shared medical appointment setting. Each meeting will focus on one of the Faithfully Guided pillars and how it is related to diabetes (purpose, stress, sleep, nutrition, and movement). Through education and community support, participants will make lifestyle changes that will improve their current state of diabetes. The program features many free services through Faithfully Guided including a comprehensive intake process and access to some of our restorative services.

Participants in the previous program experienced reduced hemoglobin A1C’s, weight loss, improved stress management, and improved sleep quality. Some of our participants were even able to reduce their amount of prescribed diabetes medications.

More results from our previous program:

  • Post-program surveys showed a 75% improvement in the level of readiness to change.
  • Self-reported HBG A1C levels post-program showed a 50% improvement among participants.
  • One participant achieved a 45% reduction in A1C, and another achieved a 58% reduction in A1C!
  • Post-program surveys showed a 75% improvement in self-efficacy for Diabetes scores.
  • 50% of participants experienced weight loss.
  • 60% of participants reduced their BMI.
  • 80% of participants decreased their visceral fat.
  • 67% or participants improved their stress index.
  • 67% of participants improved their parasympathetic activity.
  • 55% of participants improved their psychoemotional state.
  • 67% of participants decreased their Delta brain waves.
  • 45% of participants reported increased hours of sleep per night.

Sign Up for Our Upcoming Program

We are currently looking for 33 diabetic patients to join our program before the January 3rd start date. Meetings will take place at Faithfully Guided Health Center. There are two time options for participants to attend on Tuesdays to accommodate all schedules: noon-1 PM or 5-6 PM. If interested, please contact Nicole at