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The first step in your health journey requires you to meet with your team to completely understand your health goals and needs. This creates a strong foundation to build your customized health plan.

Why Discovery Sessions for couples?

Traditional healthcare can be compartmentalized, focusing on either your mental or physical health. At Faithfully Guided, we believe in the importance of connecting spirit, mind, and body to reach your health goals by treating the whole person. By partnering with your significant other, you both can embark on this health journey together through shared accountability and support alongside your Faithfully Guided team.

What Should I Expect?

Before your first appointment, we will first schedule a brief phone call to confirm that your paperwork is complete and ensure that we have medication/supplement information. This phone call will not last any longer than 15 minutes. You will also be scheduled to take a heart rate variability (HRV) assessment that is needed prior to your first appointment.

In your scheduled one hour appointment, you are able to choose either an in-office or telehealth visit. Your provider will review your heart rate variability so you can learn how stress is impacting your ability to self-regulate. Additionally, we will document any medications/supplements and current or past medical conditions that may be impacting your emotional health.

In your second scheduled appointment, you will begin couples counseling. Throughout the course of your sessions, your temperament and brain health results will be integrated with our evidence-based Gottman Relationship Therapy. You will also each receive your personalized health plan.

After the initial Phase I couples assessment, you both will be encouraged to continue your personal health journey by completing your personal assessment and receiving your personalized health plan in either Phases II (Heal) or III (Live). We recognize couples counseling may be your initial focus, but we believe God has a plan for abundant life and we want to be your guide in achieving whole-body health one generation at a time.