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Your brain’s health is a crucial component of your entire body. Focusing solely on physical symptoms or mental health does not give you the entire picture of your unique health needs. By examining your brain in conjunction with your spirit, mind, and body, our team is able to create a well-rounded plan to achieve your health goals.

Learning About Functional Brain Health

We understand that your brain is a complex organ that functions as your control center. That’s why we offer monthly Brain Health Talks hosted by our functional neurologist, Dr. Jeri. In these talks, Dr. Jeri explains different components of your brain, imbalances that may occur, and even lifestyle changes to implement in order to improve your brain’s function. Our goal is for you to come away with a better understanding of your brain and feel equipped to live a healthy lifestyle that honors all components of your health.

These Brain Health Talks are free to the public and are held at our health center each month. We ask that you RSVP using the form below to let us know how many spots you are reserving.

Upcoming Brain Health Talks

We are excited to offer Brain Health Talks on these days:

  • Tuesday, September 21st at 6 PM
  • Tuesday, October 19th at 6 PM

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