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Vision: To make Marion County one of the healthiest places to live in Florida.

Mission: To promote and support the mission of Faithfully Guided Health Center by making all services accessible and affordable.

Objective: To provide a scholarship fund and release the financial burden for services provided at Faithfully Guided Health Center. Many of the faith-based and restorative services are not reimbursed by traditional insurance. We believe that health and wellness should not be a luxury.

Ways to Get Involved

Faithfully Guided Foundation’s Objective: To provide a sliding financial scale for our services offered at FGHC to bring optimal health to all.

Who is Faithfully Guided Health Center

Faithfully Guided Health Center is a collaboration of health practitioners dedicated to integrating the highest standard of conventional and functional health care. Our collaborative and personalized approach focuses on helping you achieve optimal health and abundant life. View all of our services here.

Our annual fund goal is $100,000. Today, we hope that you will join us in serving every single individual in need through this initiative, so that together we can promote optimal health and abundant life and improve Marion County’s health outcome from 46 to 62, and become one of the healthiest places to live in Florida.

The Founders’ Society

Available for annual donations of $5,000 (corporate) and $2,500 (individual).

We are so grateful for all of our generous donors:

  • Dr. Pat and Kelly Acevedo
  • Larry and Theresa Breach
  • John and Karen Teller
  • Dr. Mel Seek
  • Danny Schofield
  • Dr. Rich and Kris Han
  • Dr. Andrew and Tanya Seevaratnam
  • Church @ The Springs
  • Central Christian Church
  • Bob and Susan Little