Faithfully Guided Health Center believes that fitness, nutrition and supplements play important roles in helping a person achieve optimal health.  We develop customized treatment plans incorporating strategies for each of these areas to help clients reach their overall health goals.

  • Nutritional Analysis and Detoxification

    Ridding the body of toxins is the first step in any lifestyle modification.  We design a customized brain and digestive detox program specifically tailored to the individual needs of each client. We then develop a nutritional plan and daily fitness regimen designed to help clients achieve a healthy weight, lasting energy, vitality, and overall balance.

  • Supplement Therapy

    A nutrient dense diet and lifestyle modifications are key to improving health.  These are often complemented with supplements.  We recommend supplements based on an individual’s diagnostic tests.  Faithfully Guided Health Center offers pharmaceutical grade supplements which are tested and guaranteed pure.  Supplements augment a healthy lifestyle, and combined with a customized nutrition plan, supplement therapy is very effective in helping people achieve lasting health.

  • Holy Yoga

    Holy yoga is a Christian-based practice of meditation, breathing and physical postures. This Christ-centered discipline is designed to promote relaxation, enhance physical and spiritual health and deepen a person’s relationship with Jesus Christ. The main difference between holy yoga and traditional yoga is traditional yoga focuses on connecting with “self” and holy yoga focuses on connecting with “Christ”.   Read more about Holy Yoga.

  • Faithfully Fit

    Do you want to exercise but find lack of motivation and/or the absence of a personalized plan keeping you from adhering to a regular routine?  If so, Faithfully Guided Health Center can help!  We are pleased to offer exciting and inspiring individual and group fitness programs designed to propel you towards your wellness goals. Our motivating trainers engage you with energizing exercises that make sticking to a regular routine fun and easy.

    Not only is exercise crucial for maintaining a healthy weight, but it helps build and tone muscle, improve heart health and promote a confident mindset.  Exercise is an important part of maintaining overall health, yet according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services:

    • Only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week.
    • More than 80% of adults fail to meet the guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities
    • Older adults are especially at risk for physical inactivity. Greater than 66% of adults ages 65-74 are inactive.

    Don’t be one of the statistics!

    It’s never too late to build a strong habit of regular exercise. The Faithfully Fit program starts with a personalized evaluation to determine the fitness regimen that best fits your goals and needs. You can then choose to work out individually with one of our trainers or participate in a fast-paced and motivating group exercise session.

    If you are ready to make a change for your community, your family, and, most importantly, yourself, give us a call at 352-512-0631 to schedule a free consult and learn more about how Faithfully Fit can guide you towards a healthier tomorrow.

    Current Class Schedule:

    Small Group
    Monday-Wednesday-Friday:  9, 10
    Monday-Friday:  4,5,6 PM

    Individual Training
    Dependent on the client’s availability