Melvin Seek MD is the Medical Director for Faithfully Guided Health Center.

As a youngster growing up in small town Missouri, he was fascinated by the lifestyle of Native Americans, studied all things science, loved athletics, and enjoyed designing and building things. He was on track to study architecture in college when he took a sharp career turn to be a physician when he was accepted into the six-year BA-MD program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. The program was intense but, by seeing patients early in the educational process, he gained empathy for patients and a perspective of the true mission of a physician.

Frustrated with the poor outcomes and inefficiencies in our broken healthcare system, Dr. Seek hopes to continue to bring the discipline of science, the perspective of a physician caring for incredibly sick patients, and the perspective of boundless innovation while seeking daily to demonstrate the unfailing empathy and grace of Jesus Christ.

Mel Seek, MD PA

  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Faithfully Guided Health Center, 2018
  • Co-Executive Director, Faithfully Guided Foundation
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice 
  • Masters of Science in Nursing with a focus in adult gerontology
  • Board certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine. 

Ashlee’s passion is to create a culture of health through generational change. Employing a whole-person approach to address root causes for dysfunction and using an inter-professional approach, she endeavors to connect the spirit, mind, and body.

As a health enthusiast, Ashlee believes optimal health should be available to everyone and that, in fact, most diseases can be reversed, eliminated, and prevented through modulating responses to stress and making lifestyle changes. Ashlee has been involved with outreach programs within her community for many years and feels best when she is giving back. She is an entrepreneur, a lifelong learner, and a creative leader. 

Ashlee Seek, DNP, AGNP-C, IFMCP

  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Faithfully Guided Health Center, 2018
  • Founder and Co-Executive Director, Faithfully Guided Foundation, 2011
  • Ordained Minister of Pastoral Care
  • NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
  • SACC Certified Temperament Therapist
  • NAMA Certified Anger Management Trainer Specialist and Fellow
  • Light University Certified Brain Health Coach
  • AACC Certified Attachment Based Intervention Specialist I and II
  • Story Informed Trauma Therapy (SITT), Certified
  • Volunteer Chaplain for the Marion County Sheriff's Office

Jamie truly desires to help others feel seen, discover hope and healing, and better understand how our personal stories can infuse a greater purpose in life. She believes God can reveal his divine providence amidst our pain and loss. When we are healthy and whole, we can be present, connected, and joyful though life is full of twists and turns. 

Married to her best friend, she practices daily how to be a God-honoring wife, now for almost 20 years. She has learned to lean into the challenges, discovering the importance of surrender, play, and margin in her life. She is a mother of three boys, and they often remind her that it is okay for everything to not always appear okay.

It is through her own healing journey that Jamie finds the deepest level of compassion for others on their journey as they bravely face the pain and brokenness and courageously accept the hardest work, they will ever face — choosing to heal. She has come to experience firsthand how doing the work can allow God to edit our stories so we can live more fully each day and perhaps given the chance, inspire healthy generational change.

Jamie Schofield, MA

Certified Physician Assistant through the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)

Kelly Tingler completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Florida and holds a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies. Kelly has been practicing medicine since 2009 and has an extensive background in both adult and pediatric emergency medicine as well as women’s health. She became passionate about functional medicine several years ago during her own health crisis when she recognized the body’s amazing ability to heal itself when given the right elements. For the past several years, Kelly has been diving into the world of functional medicine by learning, speaking, and blogging on various aspects of health. Her aspiration has been to work full-time in the field of integrative medicine and she’s excited to join the team at Faithfully Guided Health Center to make this dream a reality.

Kelly Tingler, PA-C

Nicole obtained her Associate’s Degree in Nursing through the College of Central Florida. She later went on to achieve her Bachelor’s in Nursing through the University of South Florida and later her Masters in Nursing through Nova Southeastern University. She has worked in the nursing field for over 7 years with experience in critical care, medical-surgical, orthopedics, and health care administration. She is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Board certified through the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Her interest in functional medicine began during an internship with Faithfully Guided Health Center. Realizing that the conventional method doesn’t always get to the root causation, her interest in the whole-person approach expanded. With an extensive background in inpatient hospital care, Nicole has made it her career goal to help others achieve optimal health in the outpatient setting.

Nicole grew up in Ocala and moved to South Florida for a few years, but recently returned to serve those in her hometown. When she is not in the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling with her husband, and snuggling their new baby girl and their two miniature dachshunds.

Nicole Heller, APRN-BC

Jenni is a Master’s level clinical social worker who has a combined 20 years of experience in the area of counseling children and families, adults and couples. She has worked in acute care behavioral health, the school system and private practice. Becoming a clinical social worker was just natural for her as she is a natural encourager and empowerer. She believes in the beauty of a healthy self-including the psychological, physical and spiritual components. The healthiest people make for the healthiest relationships!

Jenni uses the Story Informed Trauma therapy (SITT) model to help identify how our past sculpts our present and how to process the painful experiences so that you can feel known, heard and accepted. She also uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), family systems theory and play therapy for children. Jenni is a Christ follower and her professional, discerning counsel is rooted in the truth of God’s word. One of Jenni’s strong passions is her volunteer work for Share The Love Ocala, the umbrella non-profit for Royal Family Kids Camp. She has volunteered her time for 12 years and loves the life changing care given to our local children in the foster care community.

Outside of the clinical setting, Jenni enjoys spending time with her amazing husband of 25 years and three active and hilarious boys on their 37 acre farm. A precious daughter in law was recently added to the family so now she gets to spend time with her son and daughter in law in North Carolina! Jenni is part mermaid and cannot get enough of the water. She loves swimming, scuba diving, boating, paddleboarding and fishing, just to name a few.

Jenni Hughes, LCSW

  • SACC Certified Temperament Therapist 
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor-Qualified Supervisor
  • Certified Story Informed Trauma Therapist (SITT)
  • SACC Certified Pastoral Membership

Stephanie has always been captivated by finding beauty in brokenness. Prior to her training in counseling, she enjoyed the hobby of piecing broken glass and plates together to create beautiful mosaics. After teaching for several years, she decided to tend to a dream that God planted in her heart as a child…to help the hurting heal. This led her to the pursuit of a dual Masters Degree with a two-pronged focus with extensive training in both Mental Health Counseling and Christian Counseling. Having the balance of these two disciplines equips her with the best knowledge and skills from both worlds: Christian and secular.

Stephanie’s work primarily focuses on helping adults overcome anxiety, depression, grief, shame, trauma, relational challenges, and stress-related difficulties. Her gentle style includes a balance between providing a safe, supportive space for processing pain and equipping with practical tools. She has a passion for helping people get unstuck, find God’s provision in their story, and re-engage with life empowered by the lessons from their unique journey. Stephanie has specialized training in trauma counseling and a God-given capacity to guide individuals through healing deep wounds from the past.

Stephanie is a native Ocalan and sixth-generation Floridian. She has a 19-year-old son in the United States Coast Guard and a 16-year-old daughter. Three things she loves are country music, her dogs, and coastal sunsets.

Stephanie Smith, MS, LMHC-QS

Caroline holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Covenant College and a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Richmont Graduate University. She is passionate about meeting people where they are and partnering with them to move towards abundant life. She highly values the therapeutic alliance and offers a safe, non-judgmental space. As a believer, her approach to counseling is centered on a Biblical framework as she applies evidence-based research. She seeks to reveal and refine the inherent beauty and dignity of humanity as established by God. She has experience in various counseling settings from intensive outpatient treatment, behavioral health hospitalization, and private practice working with individuals experiencing a range of anxiety and depression. Caroline loves working with children, teens, and adults.

After growing up in Florida, Caroline spent the last 8 years in Chattanooga, TN, before deciding to move back to the sunshine state to plant roots in Ocala. When she is not in the office, Caroline loves to travel with her husband and Weimaraner puppy. The beach is her happy place and made even better with a cup of coffee watching the sunrise or sunset.

Caroline Kubin, MA

Hilary was born and raised in Ocala, a very proud third-generation Ocalan! She has been a nurse since 2012 and has worked most of her nursing career in the hospital. She has loved the transition to the outpatient setting! Hilary married her best friend, Nic in 2012 and together, they have twins Caroline & Carson in 2016! Hilary loves to travel, play pickleball and enjoy a healthy lifestyle! 

Hilary Gilbert, RN

Ashley is a member of our IV Therapy Team. She completed her undergraduate degree at Liberty University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management. After her own life experiences in the medical field, she felt the call to pursue a degree in Nursing, specifically Women’s Health. Ashley is a Labor and Delivery RN at one of our local hospitals. Ashley came to Faithfully Guided with a passion to aid in whole-body healing and a desire to work in an environment that promotes health and wellness in all aspects of life. 

Ashley grew up in Cleveland, Ohio but moved to Ocala after previously living in Dallas, Georgia. When not working she enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and dog. And when not spending time with her family, Ashley enjoys quality time with friends, playing pickleball and working out.

Ashley Estes, RN

Lindsay grew up in Ocala and has been a nurse for 11 years. She is excited to join FGHC as part of the IV team and with the future goal as a health coach. She became drawn to functional medicine and everything Faithfully Guided offers when her husband’s battle with cancer was driven into a primary functional medicine treatment plan. She is passionate about people and helping them reach their goals of whole-body healing through lifestyle change and natural therapies.

Lindsay Camara, LPN

Cody Geller comes to Faithfully Guided with a background in phlebotomy, medical assisting, and administrative leadership. He has spent time in various specialties including orthopedics, oncology, and hospitalized medicine. He has 6 years of experience drawing blood and 4 years of experience being a medical assistant. He is enthusiastic and aims to provide excellent patient care in a functional medicine environment. In his spare time, Cody enjoys spending time with his wife, new puppy, and being outdoors.

Cody Geller, CMA

Meagan serves and leads in multiple FGHC roles. Meagan is the Restorative Services Director, social media specialist, front desk staff, and billing contact. She's been with FGHC for the past 5 years and has proudly watched the staff and facility grow and evolve to our current success. Meagan has a Bachelors degree from UCF, is a certified CNA, and completed certifications to supervise Hyperbaric chamber, and Therapeutic mud bath. 

Meagan Foster

Debbie Bowe serves as the Director of Faithfully Guided Giving with the Foundation and on the Administrative Team. She is a retired Educator where her last 30 years of her 42 were at the College of Central Florida on the Ocala Campus with her last two roles being Dean of Student Success, and Dean of Teacher Education. She also served as Director of Counseling, Student Orientation Director, School Relations Director, Student Affairs Enrollment Services Director, Retired Senior Volunteer Program Director, and Teacher Education faculty. Although retired Debbie has current certifications in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle Grades English, and School Counseling preK-12. She gifted herself to the FGHC Discovery Process prior to state retirement in 2019- and eight-days post-retirement officially joined the FGHC Staff. She claims she has never felt like she has worked a day in her life as she loves to serve people and welcomes every day as a mission.

Debbie Bowe, MA

Celeste grew up in Ocala and is a graduate of the University of South Florida. With years of experience within the healthcare setting, Celeste has worked in hospital planning and marketing, physician relations, and pharmaceutical sales for top pharma companies.  

Celeste began work with the Faithfully Guided Health Center in the summer of 2022. In her current role with FGHC, Celeste works in partnership with the CO-CEO/Executive Directors to advocate and implement the mission of the Faithfully Guided Foundation to make it possible for all community members to have access to Faithfully Guided Health Center’s whole-body health and healing services. 

Celeste loves to travel with her family and lived overseas for several years. Cities like London, Shanghai, Bangkok, and Dubai provided an adventurous environment for her, her husband, and their two daughters. Celeste believes that good health comes from balancing wellness and responsibilities around the important issues of life, family, and friendships. 

Celeste Sizemore

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