Our Veterans are Hurting and Need Your Help

Our Veterans are Hurting and Need Your Help

Community Members,

Have you heard the news lately? On average, more than 20+ US veter-ans a day are taking their life. How tragic! These are men and women who fought in various wars and conflicts around the globe, fighting for our country and defending our freedoms. The affects of trauma on our sol-diers, most of whom are in their late teens and early twenties, is ravaging them of their thoughts, their sleep, and their inner peace. Every time a veteran takes his or her life, families are shattered, parents and friends are stunned beyond comprehension, and young children are left confused. Therefore, our communities suffer. We must do something to come alongside of these hurting heroes. We must engage quickly!

Faithfully Guided, Inc., a 501-3c, dedicated to renewing individuals, marriages, and families feels led to help take responsibility and minister to those who need what we are called to give out – faith-based counseling. Your help, as people who love America and believe that God can bring healing to any hurting person, is so essential.

Marion County Veterans Helping Veterans is willing to enter into a co-operative working relationship with Faithfully Guided Christian Coun-seling Services in order to achieve comprehensive counseling for veterans and their families as well as to provide service to the community as a whole with the goal of outreach and achieving improved mental health counseling. Veterans and their families will benefit from faith-based counseling at NO CHARGE and will be able to meet at their convenience, in the comfort of our new community veterans facility. Please consider helping to make this benefit possible by donating to this project. With your help, veterans and their families can receive up to three counseling sessions free of charge, regardless of their income and current benefits.

Please let me know if you need additional information.


Henry L. Whittier / Executive Director
Marion County Veterans Helping Veterans, Inc.
2730 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Unit 200
Ocala, FL 34470
(352) 433-2320

Jamie Schofield, M.A., CAMT
Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
Executive Director, Faithfully Guided, Inc.

Dr. Les Morgan
Pastoral Counselor, Faithfully Guided, Inc.
1541 SW 1st Ave, Suite 102
Ocala, Fl 34471
(352) 512-0631

by Les Morgan