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The more advanced we become, the more necessary it is to keep it simple. For example, social media is an amazing advancement in communication and connecting. However, we are now seeing an entire generation growing up with devices in their hands more unhappy than ever before. One of the new acronyms I just learned is called F.O.M.O. or Fear Of Missing Out. Defined, F.O.M.O. means, “The state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out.” This is the feeling we get inside when everyone else is having a blast with their life while I’m home without a clue or a plan to enjoy it. Google this….I’m not making it up!

We are growing more unhappy because of a fear of missing out on a life that is happening somewhere else except in our world. Screen activity fans the flames of this fear. Basically the more we live life behind a screen, smartphone, tablet, t.v., computer, game system, etc. the more unhappy we become.

What is a reasonable strategy for battling F.O.M.O.? The solution is quite simple, balance. A 50/50 balance of screen time vs real-time is a good place to start. You may want to consider the following suggestions.

  • Are you paying enough attention to what is important and/or a priority in your life?
  • How much time do you spend behind the screen?
  • You may want to write down your time behind the screen for a day.
  • If you believe you are spending too much time behind the screen, make a point to take a break from it.
  • Turn off the sounds that indicate messages.
  • Leave your phone at home or in the car at times.

The screen is not the enemy, however, too much screen time can interfere with your mood, level of engagement in relationships and efficiency at work.