Establishing Trust that Leads to Intimacy

Establishing Trust that Leads to Intimacy

Many of us desire deeper levels of intimacy in our friendships, marriages, and families. However, intimacy cannot be established on demand. In fact, at times, it’s difficult to create the intimacy that we crave. This is because close relationships can only be cultivated in the safest of environments.

Establishing trust with others is key to producing intimacy. And in order to create a safe environment for others to be vulnerable and trust us, we must first have a level of security in God developed within us. If we are secure in God, we won’t be fearful of people hurting us and will be able to take the first step in developing intimacy with others. This is possible only through our relationship with Christ. 1 John 4:19 says, “We love Him because He first loved us.” What we see here, is God taking the lead to create safety for all of us. Developing our personal relationship with Christ creates the environment that allows others to see Christ in us.

Here are just a few ways we can establish that trust with others, create safety, and allow for intimacy to grow:

  • Continue to grow in Christ by praying and reading His Word.
  • Take time and energy to respond to the hurts and needs of others with genuine comfort.
  • Encourage and affirm people in their strengths, gifts and calling.
  • Respond to imperfections and conflict with love instead of quick emotional responses.

Being secure in Christ’s love allows us the unique opportunity and freedom to imitate Him in developing relationships with those we care about.

Elizabeth Parker