Featured Service: Christian Mental Health Counseling & Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counseling


Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counseling

Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counseling is the foundation from which Faithfully Guided Health Center was built. Co-Founder Jamie Schofield, M.A. spearheads a team of qualified licensed clinical pastoral and Christian mental health counseling professionals who provide Christian marriage counseling, individual counseling and family counseling.

Each pastoral / Christian counselor specializes in Temperament Therapy.  This biblically-based counseling approach focuses on addressing source issues vs. outer symptoms.  This model is proven to be 90% effective in helping people enhance their relationships with God, their family and friends, and the community.

Some of the issues that pastoral and clinical Christian counseling address include identity and spiritual development, anger, bullying, coping, conflict resolution, abuse, depression, grief, anger, fear, stress, codependency and more.  We even offer premarital and blended family counseling.

Our pastoral and Christian counseling experts are exceptionally qualified and have extensive experience with Christian marriage counseling, family counseling and individual counseling:

  • Jamie Schofield, M.A.
  • Dave Scott, M.A.
  • Antoinette (Toni) Johnson, M.A., LMCH Registered Intern
  • Stephanie G. Smith, LMHC

The beauty of Faithfully Guided Health Center is that we can refer to our clients to in-house services we feel are beneficial.  For instance, a pastoral or clinical Christian counseling client who is experiencing significant stress may find our Holy yoga classes or fitness classes to be beneficial.  Having in-house instructors for both our fitness classes and holy yoga classes also makes scheduling more convenient.

Are you seeking clinical pastoral counseling, Christian marriage counseling, individual counseling or family counseling?  If so, give us a call to schedule your confidential initial consultation.