Establishing Trust that Leads to Intimacy


Many of us desire deeper levels of intimacy in our friendships, marriages, and families. However, intimacy cannot be established on demand. In fact, at times, it’s difficult to create the intimacy that we crave. This is because close relationships can only be cultivated in the safest of environments.

Establishing trust with others is key to producing intimacy. And in order to create a safe environment for others to be vulnerable and trust us, we must first have a level of security in God developed within us. If we are secure in God, we won’t be fearful of people hurting us and will be able to take the first step in developing intimacy with others. This is possible only through our relationship with Christ. 1 John 4:19 says, “We love Him because He first loved us.” What we see here, is God taking the lead to create safety for all of us. Developing our personal relationship with Christ creates the environment that allows others to see Christ in us.

Here are just a few ways we can establish that trust with others, create safety, and allow for intimacy to grow:

  • Continue to grow in Christ by praying and reading His Word.
  • Take time and energy to respond to the hurts and needs of others with genuine comfort.
  • Encourage and affirm people in their strengths, gifts and calling.
  • Respond to imperfections and conflict with love instead of quick emotional responses.

Being secure in Christ’s love allows us the unique opportunity and freedom to imitate Him in developing relationships with those we care about.

Elizabeth Parker

Message From The Executive Director – November 2017

It’s is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of 2017. This time of year is often filled with so many opportunities to spend quality time with each other whether it be fall festivals, partaking in family traditions, or simply taking advantage of our “fall seasonal days” outside in slightly cooler weather. It is our prayer that you stay present in the joys of this season and become aware of the opportunities to strengthen connection with the people you love.

We feel blessed that Faithfully Guided continues to grow and expand in our mission to renew individuals, marriages, and families. It has been a longtime vision to begin to incorporate additional health services to meet the interrelated needs of each person we serve. In Ephesians 4:16, Paul notes “God makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love”.

We are pleased to introduce Ashlee Seek, ARNP who is now offering primary care services for patients at Faithfully Guided. Our collaboration allows our team to provide a unique and specialized service for people in our community. For each patient, we will utilize an integrated approach to include temperament analysis, brain health coaching and conventional medicine to more effectively meet the overall needs of each person mind, body, and spirit. Please contact our office to learn more about this affordable collaborative monthly membership program.

Message From The Executive Director – October 2017

Faithfully Guided is excited to announce our new e-newsletter!  We believe this communication will allow us to live our mission more fully through our educational outreach and desire to come alongside and help renew individuals, marriages, and families in our great community.  We believe it is God’s design for each of us to live a healthy and abundant life.  Our credentialed and professional team encompass a diverse expertise that is both Christ-centered and integrated in our approach.  Our goal is to help each person we serve to discover their Christ-identity (temperament) and become the best version possible.  We believe when we truly understand ourselves and learn how to cope through life’s ups and downs, our relationships grow stronger and we can aspire healthier individual wellness goals mind, body and spirit.

Each newsletter will highlight one member of our team who will share with you tips and strategies that are found helpful inside and outside of the counseling office.  We look forward to the opportunity to share how the Lord guides our organization to meet the needs of His people through counseling and education.

Faithfully Guided, Inc. is a 501-3c that strives to keep counseling affordable for individuals and families in our community.  We have been blessed to serve our community with little to no financial support for almost eight years now.  However, the Lord has since brought more counselors to grow our team at Faithfully Guided and we believe it is only because the needs of our community continue to grow.

We have prayerfully considered and feel led to begin to ask our community of supporters for financial assistance to help us meet the on-going needs of individuals and families that come to Faithfully Guided for help.  We ask our clients to share their experiences at Faithfully Guided and it is common for them to share how positive their experiences are because they feel understood, known, and empowered to make changes. They often say “I wish I would have done this years ago.”   Instead of feeling wounded and labeled,  they can begin to see themselves as a Child of God, created for purpose, with hope they can overcome their obstacles through a more intimate relationship with Christ.

We ask you pray about how you can share your gratitude by supporting others, especially if you have benefited along the way from counseling and the healing of Christ.  Our team is passionate about changing the stigma of counseling which can be seen as a sign of shame and secrecy, to that of strength, hope and healing.  Proverbs 11:14 states, “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety”.   It is in the light that truth sets us free and we can be renewed and made stronger.

Faithfully Guided would like to continue to meet the growing needs of our community and desires to keep counseling affordable and reduced for all people.  All gifts, no matter their size, will have an impact on the lives of our community for the better. You will receive an official tax exempt donation letter from our office for your records.  These funds will allow us to help take the financial burden off of families so they can focus on the support and healing needed to move forward.  Healthy individuals and families create healthy communities.

We would like our community to know that we are praying for the individuals and families that have been affected by Hurricane Irma.  In our response to this disaster and the on-going struggle this presents for many, any funds we receive from our community will go to the benevolent fund and help individuals and families impacted by Irma.  When families are displaced and funds are stretched to help re-build home life, choices are made and counseling can become a sacrificial cut.  However, we know it can be easier to re-build when we are healthier mind, body and spirit.  Help us to continue to serve our fellow neighbors.

Additionally, September is suicide prevention month.  We understand the direct impact of suicide and the feelings associated that can affect the rest of the family.  Any funds we receive will also go to the benevolent fund to provide immediate and FREE counseling for up to three sessions for any individual or family that needs assistance.

Lastly but most importantly, please let us know how our team can pray for you.  We believe prayer is our communication with God and is the most important strategy of life.  Please allow us to pray for your needs.  You can email us directly from the web site and share your needs with us.  We hope this dialogue with you will help us expand our mission and serve more people in our community.  Thank you for your consideration and support over the years and may God Bless!