February’s Kindness Challenge


On February 22nd we brought Holy Yoga to Unity Place where we offered the residents there a free yoga session.  We desired to provide a taste of the physical benefits of yoga combined with the spiritual benefits of Christ being the focus of intention and worship. This was my first experience with this practice and let me tell you; it was fantastic… even for an endurance junky like myself!

We chose Unity Place because of the growing population of individuals afflicted with substance abuse disorders in our community.  For those of you who don’t know, Unity Place is a 64-bed sober living facility located across the street from Tuscawilla Park.  The facility serves 350-400 people annually by providing room, board, and accountability. A Google search defined a halfway house as “an institution that allows people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities, or those with criminal backgrounds, to learn (or relearn) the necessary skills to re-integrate into society.”  A local source tells us more than 70% of the residents residing at Unity Place are there for substance abuse disorders.

Sadly, drug, alcohol, and suicide deaths are on the rise with Florida having one of the highest mortality rates.  Ponder the fundamental biblical truth that tells us we were created for relationship.  This truth speaks in direct opposition to Satan’s plans to keep us isolated.  The thief who came to steal, kill, and destroy tries to tell us that we are all alone but that is NOT true! If you are feeling isolated or burdened by addiction, anxiety, or depression- please know we are here to help.  Our goal at Faithfully Guided is to partner with you to connect the spirit, mind, and body.  Our non-linear approach is individualized and person-centered promoting optimal health, balance, and vitality through the lens of God.

Moving forward, we will continue to partner with our community to offer affordable pastoral counseling and integrative healthcare services.  As we grow, our outreach efforts will too.  When we open in our new facility, we plan to bring Holy Yoga to our clientele and the community including and especially those at Unity Place and other organizational outreach programs like it.  Please join us in promoting kindness and dignity to everyone around us.  Lastly, if you or someone you know might have a problem with alcohol or drugs, please see the links below for free local resources available to you and your loved ones.


Kindness Challenge 2018


On January 22nd, Faithfully Guided committed to picking up three pieces of garbage daily. We encouraged you, our families, and friends to do the same. This initiative is part of our commitment to participate in a “kindness challenge” on the 22nd of each month. This challenge was birthed after I attended a conference where I learned some staggering statistics. According to National Geographic, straws are the main contributor to the 8 million tons of plastic that makes its way into the ocean every year. It is estimated that 6 million straws and stirrers have been removed from beaches during annual cleaning events over the past 25 years. These little straws are mistaken for food by sea creatures, especially whales, and cannot be digested.

You are probably like me and wonder, “What can I do”? Well, I’m glad you asked! I will share with you what I learned from my conference. The simplest way you can eradicate straws from the environment is to stop using them altogether, buy reusable straws, or even purchase biodegradable straws. Moreover, when you are at a restaurant, simply let the waitress know that you are a straw free table.

Faithfully Guided stands on the belief that, ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it, for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters’(psalms 24:1-2). Therefore, our team will continue our efforts on this kindness initiative through February 22nd and beyond. Moving forward, I urge everyone to give us feedback on different initiatives that promote kindness to self, others, and our community! Don’t forget to share with us how your family is being good stewards of what God has blessed us with!

Glory to God!

Coffee & Kindness – January 2018


On December 22, we continued to pay-it-forward by choosing kindness at the Hope Clinic.  Four families purchased hygiene items, coffee and cookies and were given the opportunity to serve and distribute items outside the Hope Clinic one evening.  It was an inspiring and heart filling experience. Practitioners inside treating patients even mentioned how it changed the entire dynamic of the waiting room that night.  The Lord truly provided a night of joy, hope, and necessity for His people.  Special thanks to Ashlee Seek who coordinated the opportunity with Cindy Grow. You too can participate each month on the 22nd by choosing kindness and extending some type of gesture or act of service in your area of influence.  Stay connected with us at our Coffee & Kindness Face Book page for current details.