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By definition, Eucharisteo (pronounced yoo-khar-is-teh’-o) means: to be grateful, feel thankful or to give thanks.

Message from The Executive Director – January 2018

Welcome 2018 and Happy New Year Faithfully Guided Family!

Why a Healthy Gut is Key for a Healthy Brain

New research is showing us that the health of our brain is controlled by the state of our microbiome (the bacteria in our bellies).

Message from The Executive Director – December 2017

It seems like the time between Thanksgiving and the end of the year can become a whirlwind of holiday parties, school programs, year-end deadlines, and before you know it…it’s Christmas.

Affordable Care Act Just Passed New Legislation

At Faithfully Guided we are excited to announce our new membership packages using a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model.

We Thank You For Your Support and Encouragement

Our team at Faithfully Guided Health Center would like to thank you deeply for all of those who were able to stop by the Open House and Blessing on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Coffee & Kindness – December 2017

November 22 was the kick-start of our new “monthly” Coffee & Kindness initiative.