Message From The Executive Director – October 2017

Faithfully Guided is excited to announce our new e-newsletter!  We believe this communication will allow us to live our mission more fully through our educational outreach and desire to come alongside and help renew individuals, marriages, and families in our great community.  We believe it is God’s design for each of us to live a […]

Enjoy the Journey

As the summer winds down, we find ourselves busier than we would like to be. Some are transitioning into a new academic school year, deciding on extra curricular activities for the fall, or attempting to get organized for a new fiscal year. Is summer really over so soon? It seems as though when we were […]


Back to School — Start the day out right!


Back to school season can be hectic. Returning to a rigid schedule can be both a blessing and a struggle. Many times we rush to wake up, put food on the table, get the bags packed, and run out the door! In all of the rushing, it’s easy to pick up a stressed and negative […]

Intentional Connections

Intentional Connections

The goal of marriage and family counseling is to renew connectivity through intentionality. Typically, life happens and in one way or another we find ourselves completely disconnected from the people we are supposed to be connected to the most, our spouse and/or our children. Every family is different and therefore every disconnected causality is unique. […]

Ocala’s Grow In Kindness Day


Faithfully Guided is passionate about family life, specifically, the role of children and youth today. With increased demands of family life, lack of quality time, and exponential growth in technology, children and youth are not learning the social and problem-solving skills necessary for healthy relationships. As a result, bullying has become one of the more […]

Why Kindness Matters

Why Kindness Matters

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. In 2014, Mayor Kent Guinn, officially proclaimed October 22nd as Ocala’s Grow In Kindness Day to support the national efforts of Unity Day for Anti-bullying.

Strong Family Life Prepares Children to Better Respond to Bullying

What is bullying? Bullying is intentional and aggressive behavior (verbal, emotional, physical, cyber) repeatedly shown to someone not able to defend themselves equally (imbalance of power).  Bullying is not conflict which can be worked out between two people.  Instead, it is a form of abuse that needs to be reported and dealt with accordingly. Conflict […]

The Lenten Season and Family Life

What is Lent? Lent is a 40 day period of time that Western churches (Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox) observe that marks the time that Jesus Christ spent in the desert fasting.  Lent is the preparation for Easter and is spent in fasting and repentance with the purpose to re-focus our […]