Why a Healthy Gut is Key for a Healthy Brain

New research is showing us that the health of our brain is controlled by the state of our microbiome (the bacteria in our bellies). These intestinal organisms participate in a wide variety of physiologic actions including immune system functioning, detoxification, neurotransmitter and vitamin production, nutrient absorption, and the signaling being hungry or full. A disruption […]


Message from The Executive Director – December 2017


It seems like the time between Thanksgiving and the end of the year can become a whirlwind of holiday parties, school programs, year-end deadlines, and before you know it…it’s Christmas. However, this season of advent is really about a special journey, preparation and celebration of our faith which we commonly know more today as Christmas. […]


Affordable Care Act Just Passed New Legislation

At Faithfully Guided we are excited to announce our new membership packages using a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. For a low monthly fee, you will have access to unlimited primary care through face-to-face visits, email, and telephone. Additional benefits of membership include wholesale lab prices and discounted vitamin supplements. The Affordable Care Act recognizes […]

Coffee & Kindness December

Coffee & Kindness – December 2017


November 22 was the kick-start of our new “monthly” Coffee & Kindness initiative. Special thanks to Ashlee Seek who coordinated cookies and waters and to Clint Lewis for providing cof-fee from Dignity Roasters. Many of us joined together at Symmetry Coffee & Crepes with our children and walked to the Salvation Army where we passed […]


Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit

Ashlee Seek, MSN, ARNP-C is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with a commitment to preventing illness and attaining and maintaining excellent health through nutrition and physical activity. Ashlee received her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Central Florida. After spending more than 15 years gaining experience in the areas of cardiology […]

Our Veterans are Hurting and Need Your Help

Our Veterans are Hurting and Need Your Help

Community Members, Have you heard the news lately? On average, more than 20+ US veter-ans a day are taking their life. How tragic! These are men and women who fought in various wars and conflicts around the globe, fighting for our country and defending our freedoms. The affects of trauma on our sol-diers, most of […]


Message From The Executive Director – November 2017

It’s is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of 2017. This time of year is often filled with so many opportunities to spend quality time with each other whether it be fall festivals, partaking in family traditions, or simply taking advantage of our “fall seasonal days” outside in slightly cooler weather. It […]

Coffee and Kindness

Coffee and Kindness – November 2017


During the month of October, Faithfully Guided, Inc. and Mayor Kent Guinn hosted “Coffee & Kindness” at Symmetry Coffee & Crepes on Wednesday’s from 8:30 – 9:15 a.m. to share and inspire each other during the 30-day Kindness Challenge for the community.  The last Wednesday of the month, we met at City Hall to discuss […]

Showing Love Differently

In marriage counseling, I find that most couples are working very hard to show one another love. Typically, we show love and affection in the same way that we need it. Showing affection your way can leave your spouse feeling unloved and disconnected. This continual disconnection leads to a lack of spiritual, emotional and physical […]

Next Level Forgiveness

Next Level Forgiveness

The notion of forgiving others is a widely promoted teaching in the Christian church, as well as in the counseling field and in other secular areas. The Bible teaches the benefits of releasing bitterness and anger that appear because of life’s wounds. Some popular phrases concerning forgiveness are, “make a choice to forgive” and “forgive […]