Back to School — Start the day out right!


Back to school season can be hectic. Returning to a rigid schedule can be both a blessing and a struggle. Many times we rush to wake up, put food on the table, get the bags packed, and run out the door! In all of the rushing, it’s easy to pick up a stressed and negative attitude. However, our attitude as parents create the atmosphere in our home, and this can affect our children as we send them off for the day. We want to do everything in our power to set our children up for success in every area, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically.

Here are three simple tips that will be sure to establish a positive and peaceful atmosphere while creating a bright start to each day.

1. Give yourself enough time.

Being rushed adds extra stress and extra chaos. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than your kids’ wake time to guarantee at least one peaceful cup of coffee and a short devotion time with just you and the Lord. Remember, we can only give our best out of the overflow that is within us. Otherwise, we are merely surviving. It’s not easy, but it’s always worth it.

2. Create a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere through positive words and affirmations each and every morning.

Going back to school is an adjustment for the whole family, not just parents. Our children are making new friends, getting to know new teachers, and adjusting to a new work load. It’s important that we speak life into them, letting them know that we believe in them. Some simple examples are, “You are so smart in math, I know you are going to do great this year!” “Mom is so proud of you for choosing friends that will help you make good choices!” “You look so beautiful/handsome in that school uniform!”

3. Pray together as a family.

Before your kids get out of the car or onto the bus, stop and say a prayer with them. This helps to give a healthy perspective for the day and teaches children where to turn when they need help. It can be as simple as, “Lord, thank you for a new day. This is the day you have made and we will rejoice in it! We ask that you would lead us through this day by your Holy Spirit, helping us to make good choices. Help us to love others as you love us. In Jesus name, Amen.”

It’s our prayer here at Faithfully Guided that this would be the best school year yet for you and your family!

God Bless,
Elizabeth Parker