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At Faithfully Guided we are excited to announce our new membership packages using a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model. For a low monthly fee, you will have access to unlimited primary care through face-to-face visits, email, and telephone. Additional benefits of membership include wholesale lab prices and discounted vitamin supplements. The Affordable Care Act recognizes DPC as a delivery reform and allows DPC Medical Homes to offer coverage in health insurance exchanges in combination with a wraparound insurance policy provided by a qualified health plan (QHP). Working together, the two must satisfy all other essential health benefits requirements under H.R.3590. DPC practices provide all primary care in a monthly fee arrangement. The QHP is used for hospitalization, specialty care, and other more costly services.

Our integrative add-on options are available to include brain health assessment and temperament testing. We believe this is an invaluable tool to help you discover who God designed you to be. Results from your individualized analysis will be applied to your healthcare plan. Through shared decision-making, we help you discover your motivation, achieve goals, and apply the principles learned to become a healthy empowered YOU!